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The postal system is not fully developed in some parts of the region so consumers frequently use post office boxes or collection depots. In addition, only a small segment of the population has credit cards and online payment systems are just starting to emerge. Thus much of the Middle East still relies on COD shipping, which results in higher costs and problems with returns. Many customers are willing to pay a premium for speedy delivery. ZAFUL instituted a COD payment plan in January 2017. "It works well and provides convenience," noted Benjamin. To view the report, visit ZAFUL's low prices are a major factor in Middle East sales. "The Middle East has a large population and the purchasing habits are quite mixed," said Benjamin. "The demand for luxury, high-end products is low to medium so the vast majority of Internet shoppers are attracted by discount prices. "Monetary reward programs motivate shoppers as well. And we're also finding that a good portion of Middle East consumers are young so fashion and styles that suit that demographic are very important." ZAFUL, founded in 2013, is a global online fashion wear marketplace that offers excellent quality at discount prices.

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