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Demijohn’s Manon Deslauriers, expains The Little Clarendon Street party Katherine MacAlister Features writer. Please call me on 01865 425366 Get the latest local news straight to your inbox every day Being French Canadian I enjoy holding outdoors parties once the winter is over, and May is the perfect party time. Being a relative newbie and the new manager of liquid deli Demijohn, I am therefore brimming with ideas and entertainment for all the shoppers from Jericho and the whole of Oxfordshire and can’t wait for Little Clarendon Street’s annual street party held by the traders on Saturday from noon until 5pm. It’s the perfect excuse for us all to have fun and begin to enjoy the summer. Everyone in Little Clarendon Street is up for it and offering some great specials, tastings and entertainment to transform the afternoon into its own mini carnival. The street will be closed off to normal traffic for the afternoon to let us go wild. At Demijohn we are already in party atmosphere having decorated the shop with lots of colourful origami on the ceiling and we’ll be serving mocktails and offering special tastings. Local business is at the heart of any community like Jericho. Life would simply not be the same without the buzz of its local shops, restaurants, bars and wonderful other businesses.

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